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Photos: Dave Maize Bass Guitar



For scale comparison purposes, I'm 6ft 1in tall; at the time, I weighed 216 lbs. I've got long arms: I wear 37" sleeve length on dress shirts. You can also see a size comparison versus a standard acoustic guitar, even though I'm closer to the camera.









The bridge doesn't use pins as most acoustic instruments do. Instead, there are brass sleeves into which you slip the ball-ends of the strings. This makes for very quick string changes, because they don't go through any holes, they simply lift off. In conjunction with Sperzel locking tuners, it should be a snap (no pun intended) to change strings.

These are the Sperzel locking tuners. Other models and colors are available.

Though it isn't easy to see here, the inlay work is beautifully done. It's basically concentric circles of different woods.

The thumbrest is a sculpted piece of hardwood, polished to a satin finish. It comes with a double-stick tape attached so you can position it as you like. The supplied stickum wasn't strong enough so I removed it and used a double-stick foam tape.























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