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Notes on the photos:

I was born in 1951, so you can calculate my approximate age in each photo. In order:

Mar 2020: Dinner at home.

Jun 2011: After a three-week trip to Africa.

Jan 2006: As "Boris Kolenkhov" in the play You Can't Take It With You.

May 2005: As "Frank" in the play Over the River and Through the Woods. Those glasses are just empty frames, chosen to make me look older!

Sep 2004: A professional portrait taken on a cruise ship. My wife was seated and I was standing, so it was easy to crop.

Mar 2004: A self-taken shot, shortly after shaving the beard.

Mar 2003: I realized the entire outfit just made me look like someone from "Treasure of the Sierra Madre." I still have the hat, but it lost something when I shaved my beard.

Jan 2003: As "Oscar Wolfe" in the play The Royal Family.

Oct 1991: An Apple colleague always joked that you could walk past Apple building security if you simply dressed like a Carrot. On that Halloween holiday, I did.

Jan 1986: At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Polaroid booth had a couple of cardboard cutouts; I chose a photo with Ronald Reagan. With sharp eyes, you can see the light is wrong on Ron, and I always thought he was a little taller.

Jun 1985: At the Portland OR Usenix conference.

Jul 1980: Just a candid shot, at a time when my hair was at its longest. I recall a couple of times when my hair got caught in the car window as I rolled it up!

Mar 1979: A bank ID or ATM card. I had just joined Apple Computer in Cupertino, CA.

May 1978: While on vacation in Aruba, I snapped this shot. It's just a towel on my head.

Jun 1977: I'd been married about a year and a half at this point, now working at my second full-time job.

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