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I live in Cambria, California. Cambria is halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, right on the Pacific Ocean. As a matter of fact, my house is less than 250 yards from the water. If you're planning a visit to Cambria — especially from the San Francisco Bay Area — my Cambria info page may be of some help. You can also see the current weather from the weather station atop my home office. Another very useful Cambria page is here.

If you're not sure how to pronounce my name, it's "Rick." No, seriously, my last name is pronounced "a-RICK-ee-oh," sounding similar to Pinocchio.

I'm a software engineer by profession, though nowadays I'm semi-retired. My part-time gig is providing support for Macintosh users (see the Macs Only pages.)

I bought my first Apple II in summer of 1977 (serial number 0183!). At the time, I'd had about five years' experience as a software developer on mainframe computers, and a couple years of spare-time programming on a friend's homebrew microcomputer system. I wrote several magazine articles about programming the II and occasionally reported software bugs to Apple. One thing led to another, and I joined Apple Computer in Jan 1979. More details in the Working At Apple section.

After nearly twenty years of living in Silicon Valley, I made the move to Cambria in 1998 to enjoy a less crowded lifestyle and community involvement. I continued working for Apple Computer for three more years while in Cambria, telecommuting from home and showing up at the office for a few hours a week. In October 2001 I ended my third stint at Apple Computer, in all about twenty years working at the company.

In late 2002, I started my part-time Macintosh support service, Macs Only. My client list now numbers nearly 500 names, most in the Cambria area, a couple elsewhere in San Luis Obispo county, and a few farther away.



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