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Kitchen Photos: Finished Project!







Looking west from the house toward the dining area. The table and chairs are due to arrived a few weeks after the kitchen was finished.

The white wall sconces have perforations in the bottom to allow about 30% of the light downward, with most going upward. They contain T5HO high-output 3500K fluorescent tubes, and at night there's enough shadow-free light to do anything in the kitchen even without the halogens. They're Verve II WM commercial fixtures from Focal Point.




The pullout pantry in the SW corner is used for a china set and will also hold odd glasssware and dining pieces. This china had been boxed up for four years, because we had no room for it!




Looking back toward the house from the dining area. The poster is the "Periodic Table of the Vegetables," which can be found via a web search. We haven't yet hung up more stuff.






The tall cabinet holds a 12" pullout pantry and some open shelves. These shelves conveniently hold a small microwave at a taller height for me, the cook, as well as cookbooks and other large junk.

The contents of these shelves are invisible from almost everywhere in the kitchen, which is nice.



The north wall.





Left: The backsplash is a sheet of stainless from the local heating contractor, cut in a trapezoid to match the 48" range and 54" hood. The splash behind the main sink on the south wall echoes the trapezoid shape.

Right: The Dacor 48" Epicure range grates. That's a 12" skillet.











Left: A closeup of the singlefold paper towel dispenser. These towels pop out one at a time, like an inverted box of kleenex.

Right: The TechLighting monorail track over the long main-sink counter.









Left: The walls area a light yellow with a cool gray (almost a lavender gray) sponged faux glaze. The color isn't easy to see in the photo; the sponge detail is very subtle and it changes with different lighting conditions.

Right: That's a bright-white outlet for comparison purposes. The faux is so subtle it just doesn't photograph well at all.





Left: Edge detail for the Caesarstone countertop.

Right: The island, where the overhang isn't quite so much. The bevel dies into the edge of the cabinets rather than becoming parallel to the top for a half-inch.

This was the result of a measurement error: they had cut the island slab, in the shop, 3/4" short in one dimension. It was wide enough, but not quite long enough. After a few minutes of thought, we decided we could make it work: they cut back one long edge and detailed it on-site, so we have a tighter overhang all around the island. It actually helps make the island a little easier to get around, since the top is slightly smaller.





The sensor-controlled "night lights" are 3" round halogen ones from Home Depot, laid atop the upper cabinet, the hood, and the tall pantry.





The fluorescent sconces throw 75% of their light onto the ceiling, so we have plenty of shadow-free indirect light. There are no other lights on in the room.




The halogens alone.

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