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Kitchen Photos: Cabinets



These photos were taken on 10 Nov 2002, a couple of weeks before the counters were measured and installed. The kitchen was 100% operational on 7 December 2002.









Left: A view of the south wall cabinets. We have virtually all drawers in the base cabinets.

Right: The southwest corner. The two cleanup sinks are to the left, out of the frame. The dishwasher goes where the little words are at the lower left. That's a spare thick shelf laying on top of the cabinets (you can see its brother at the top center). The pantry pullout will store a china set and other assorted glassware. These are the only wall cabs; they'll house the everyday dishes and glassware.






A view of the south edge of the island, from the french door. The cutout is for two stools.






And a low view of the island, taken from the dining table area.






A shot of some of the island drawers. The island is 40" tall, so the top 4" is built from desk drawers and dummy panels. I call the little white drawers "superdrawers" because they're above the standard top drawer, and because they'll be handy for thin cutting boards and who knows what. They are only about 1-1/2" deep, but they're better than no drawer there at all. That's an 8-ounce Dannon yogurt cup in the drawer for scale.





Three outlets and a light switch hide in the white border.






The east end of the island. The pantry pullout at the left is visible in the low island shot above. This is the only conventional base cabinet; the Neff pullout shelves are all glass and stainless.








The tall pantries. The one at left is a big version of the two smaller pullouts. The one at the right has three pullout shelves. You can see the archway to the rest of the house at left.

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