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Managing Safari Bookmarks



Safari organizes bookmarks into folders, which are containers into which you place bookmarks for organization. This is similar to the file and folder concept, so you can organize things. Having folders avoids putting lots of bookmarks into the Bookmarks menu, which is the traditional way to do things. After a while, the Bookmarks Menu becomes unwieldy.

When you choose Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks, Safari's display switches to a view of your bookmark folders.

In the left panel, all the folders are displayed. If you click on a folder, the larger panel at the right shows the contents of that folder — the bookmarks there.

The Bookmarks Bar and Bookmarks Menu are special folders: they aren't just folders to store bookmarks. When you change the Bookmarks Menu folder, the "live" Bookmarks Menu changes automatically. Same with the Bookmarks Bar (the row right above the main part of the web page display.) But you work with them just like any folder.

There are several folders that come preloaded with bookmarks, e.g. Travel, News, etc. You may modify, keep, or delete these.

Deleting a folder and its contents

Click on the folder to highlight it. Press the Delete key. The folder and its bookmarks are deleted.

Creating a new folder

Click on the + button at the bottom left, below the folder panel. A new folder is created. You may highlight its name and type a new name.

If you click the + button at the bottom near the vertical line, you will create a new folder inside the existing folder you're viewing.

Moving bookmarks among folders

To move a bookmark from one folder to another, say from News to Travel, do this:

  1. Highlight the folder you're coping from, e.g. News.
  2. From the right panel, drag the bookmark directly to another folder in the left panel, e.g. Travel. The bookmark will now be inside the new folder (Travel).

Sorting bookmarks and folders

Safari has no automatic sorting (yet), but you can freely drag folders and/or bookmarks up or down to the desired order.

Adding Bookmarks

When you choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmark, you must choose the folder into which you want the bookmark to be stored. A common choice is the Bookmarks Menu folder. After choosing the folder and clicking Add, the bookmark will be saved. If you chose Bookmarks Menu, the bookmark will immediately appear in the bookmarks menu.

Editing a bookmark

In the right panel, you can click on the bookmark name ("Bookmark") or the address ("Address") to edit either field.

Deleting a bookmark

In the right panel, you can click once on the bookmark name and press the Delete key.

Getting out of the Bookmarks View

Choose Bookmarks > Hide All Bookmarks.

Additional Info

Choose Help > Safari Help for further info on using Safari. Note that the Help menu is very useful for all programs.

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