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Resetting Your Internet Connection



If your internet connection goes dead, don't bother trouble-shooting on the computer. Usually the problem is that your modem or router/base station have stopped communicating. You'll either see a message in Safari saying "You are not connected to the Internet" or that the web site couldn't be loaded. Or perhaps you can't get email to work.

This is one page that makes sense to print out. When you need it, you won't be able to come here to read it!

  • Shut down the computer or put it to sleep.

If you have Charter/Spectrum internet:

  1. Remove power from your cable modem. If you also have a router, remove its power too. Don't mix up the power cables. Do not remove any other cables.
  2. Reapply power to the cable modem only.
  3. Wait till you see the "ready" light solidly lit. (Some modems only have unlabeled icons; wait for the "globe" instead.) If the modem doesn't become ready, the problem is elsewhere, usually a downed line somewhere.
  4. Reapply power to the router and wait about a minute.

If you have AT&T DSL/Uverse:

  1. Remove power from your AT&T modem. Turn the modem on again.
  2. Wait a full minute for the modem to restart. Wait for the DSL or internet or service light to be solid.

Wake or start the computer. If you're using wifi, you may have to choose your wireless network again from the wifi menu (near the time display at the top right). After about 10-15 seconds, you should be able to get online again.

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