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Restarting Printing



If your printer stops due to some error (e.g. paper or ink), OS X will usually stop all jobs for the printer. The result is a lack of printer operation even after you resolve the problem. You try printing something but nothing comes out.

  • Turn off your printer, unplug its power cord, wait a few seconds, then replug and turn it back on. Many printers just won't reset unless you yank the cord. Don't trust that it really goes off when you push the button.
  • Go to System Preferences : Print and Fax (Print and Scan, depending on your OS).
  • Highlight the printer's name and click Open Print Queue.
  • Delete pending print jobs if you wish. Then click Resume or Start Jobs (again, depends on the OS).

Note that when jobs are stopped, you'll see a little exclamation point in the Print dialog next to the printer name. If you get the following question when you try to print something, here are what the three answers mean:







  • Add to Queue: Just add this print job to the queue; I'll worry about starting the printer later.
  • Continue: Add this print job to the queue and try to restart the print jobs automatically.
  • Cancel: Forget about this print job; I've changed my mind.

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