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Controlling External MIDI Devices



You can configure faders to send midi continuous controllers and/or program changes. You can enter sysex strings to be transmitted, or continuous controllers to track the fader, even tuning the number of controller steps and the step size. The ON/OFF & SOLO buttons get to send a prog change or sysex (you enter what you want) when you press 'em. One for on-press, another for off-press. The PAN and FADER can definitely do continuous controllers; maybe messages, but I haven't tried it and the manual isn't terribly clear.

You can also enter a text label for each fader & button in the editing screen to keep track of what's what. And there are MIDI Library presets (probably 50, just like EQ and Dynamics and Channels and whole Scenes). You can recall a preset to set up one of the faders or buttons.

You choose which faders do "normal" fading and which do MIDI remote sends. Out of the 16 channel faders, any can be assigned either way. When you flip the board to the "custom fader layer" these assignments snap into place. In the other three fader layers, the faders revert to channels 1-16, channels 17-32, and auxes/buses respectively. In the custom layer you can even move the channels around if your tape tracks are laid out oddly.

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