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Start Scene

The manual doesn't mention in the Scene Memory section that Scene Memory 00 is overwritten by automation as the Start Scene location.

If you decide you wanted a different start scene (say you realize you wanted a different initial fader level on a channel), you can update Scene 00 at any time:

  • Turn off automation. It might not be necessary, but I do it.
  • Recall Scene 00. This will restore the DA7 to the beginning of your mix; it is the Start Scene stored from the Automation Execute screen.
  • Make whatever changes you want.
  • Write to Scene 00.

Now, when you enable automation, your updated Scene 00 will be recalled as the Start Scene.


If you have several mixes that have similar Start Scenes, try this:

  • Recall a prior mix whose Start Scene is close to what you want for the new mix. (Like a template.)
  • Recall Scene 00 (the prior mix's Start Scene).
  • Set up the new mix via the Automation Setup ("new mix"), and store the Start Scene (press Enter on the "Start Scene" field).
  • Customize Scene 00 to make it the Start Scene for this new mix, using the method outlined earlier.

Now go ahead and record your automation moves for the new mix.

Aux Send Events

It appears that the automation doesn't record AUX Send on/off events, only level changes. Also, only Delay on/off and Dynamics on/off events get recorded, not the actual parameters (e.g. delay time, threshold, ratio, etc). A workaround is to record either a library-recall, channel-recall, or a scene-recall event containing the new parameters. It would seem sensible to use the "smallest" recall to limit possible impact on other channels. (Why do a full scene recall when a Dynamics Library recall is all you need?)

Recall: Any Noise?

I haven't experimented to see whether a scene library recall causes an audible effect. It may depend on where you're doing the recall, which parameter you've changed, and how drastic the value change is.

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